Grounds Maintenance

A vital element

Even the most professionally installed scheme can very quickly look shabby if it is not maintained correctly.

Unlike bricks and mortar, landscaping is a living breathing element which changes every day. Grass will continue to grow and weeds will out-compete the desirable plants if sufficient resources are not allocated to enable a full on-going maintenance regime to be implemented.

The landscaping to any scheme is usually the first thing that visitors experience as they approach the finished development, so its importance should not be underestimated – it is often the end users shop window.

False economy

All too often it is the maintenance element of a project that is sacrificed in the interest of meeting budgetary constraints for the project as a whole.

This is unfortunate because if a scheme is not maintained correctly, it will reach a point where a thorough overhaul is required which usually ends up costing more than carrying out regular planned maintenance visits.

Our approach

We apply the same level of professionalism and expertise to our grounds maintenance contracts as to every other part of our business.

Our site staff are very experienced in all aspects of grounds maintenance and hold all of the relevant qualifications for operation of equipment and application of herbicides.

We also have a full range of specialist maintenance equipment from large ride on mowing machinery to long reach hedge trimmers and chainsaws.

We can produce long term fully costed maintenance regimes tailored to a client’s individual requirements.