Landscape Design

The starting point for any great project is a great design.

Striking designs in a real world

We work with qualified Landscape Architects who have a wealth of experience, expertise and flair, but who are, as is becoming increasingly important in these difficult economic times, anchored in the real world, producing designs which are not only attractive and complimentary to any project, but are cost effective and provide the maximum effect for any given budget.

Ecologically valuable

We can design with a wide range of species in mind and can create landscapes which are attractive but which also provide vital habitats and sources of food for many of our native species of animals and insects.

Early involvement

Landscape design is sometimes left to the last minute in the life of a project, but our experience is that if the landscape designer is involved from the earliest stages of the projects design process, then the better the outcome will be, because the design will be able to evolve as the project evolves and better reflect the clients brief.

As designers and contractors, we are in a unique position to understand what works on site from a practical point of view and are able to bring this experience to bear at all stages of the design process.

We can offer either stand-alone landscape design or a design as part of the construction package if we are contracted to carry out the landscape installation.