Solar Park Maintenance

Our involvement

We have recently been involved in the construction of a 5MW solar park on our site here in Plympton, which amounts to some 22,000 ground mounted panels over an area of approximately 25 acres.

This project, constructed by a specialist German solar company, brought a number of challenges both from a construction and also from a contracts management point of view, not least of which was the extremely tight installation deadline of the park having to be built, commissioned and feeding into the National Grid, from scratch to complete in 12 weeks!

We constructed the 3km long, 2.4m high security fence as well as carrying out all of the initial earthworks, installation of the service roads and construction of specialist surface mounted panels.

Quite a steep learning curve for dyed in the wool landscapers but one which has left us with some unique skills which could be applied to other similar projects in the growing area of renewable energy generation.

Solar Park Maintenance

As a consequence of the park being built on our site, we now carry out the specialist on-going maintenance of the solar park. This involves the following works:

  • Regular checks of all electrical connections and wiring from the individual panels to the string units, inverters and ultimately the transformers, along with checking of the panel mounts and framework.
  • Responding to and repairing any faults detected remotely via data link by the German installation company based in Munich.
  • Carrying out regular grass cutting and vegetation control between and around the panels to prevent shading.
  • Controlling access to the park and responding to any fence related issues detected by any one the of the 18 high definition security cameras positions around the perimeter of the site.