Sports Pitch Construction

A level playing field

That is what our clients rightly expect and that is what we can achieve on any natural grass pitch, through the use of our state of the art laser guided plant and equipment which can produce an even finished surface to extremely accurate tolerances whilst automatically building in the required falls to aid surface drainage.


This is the key to maximising the use of a pitch following inclement weather and keeping the costs of cancelled matches to a minimum. We would always advocate installing even a basic drainage system and to having the best system that the budget allows.

For the drainage to be effective, it has to be installed correctly and accurately. We use laser guided drainage equipment which once programmed, maintains an accurate depth ensuring that the water runs correctly to the outlet and does not ‘pond’ in the pipes.


We often construct pitches designed by others but if designing a pitch ourselves, we always construct in line with Sport England guidelines which lay down very precise parameters providing our clients with the reassurance that we are working to nationally recognised standards.

Types of pitches we have built

We have constructed the following natural grass sports surfaces:

  • Football and Rugby pitches
  • Cricket squares (including all weather strips)
  • Bowling greens
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Tennis courts


The most expertly constructed pitch in the world can soon become unplayable if the maintenance regime is not sufficient to maintain the playing characteristics and the performance of the drainage system.

This vital element of pitch construction is sometimes sacrificed as part of budget savings – but to do so will always compromise the performance of the surface.


Up until recently, any surplus excavated material generated on site as a result of the enabling/ground works would be hauled away to a licensed tip, at considerable cost both financially in terms of haulage costs and environmentally.

It is becoming increasingly commonplace therefore, that as a result of rising tip fees and the environmental concerns associated with haulage, there is a trend towards retaining as much surplus sub /topsoil on site as possible.

It is often shaped to form landscape features such as raised areas for tree screen planting.

A Landscape approach

This type of earthwork often requires a sympathetic landscape approach in order to maximise the amount of material that can be retained on site as well as creating flowing contours which matches the Landscape architects vision.

Plant and Tractor Hire

We have a range of specialist plant and equipment that we use during the course of our pitch construction works which, despite our best efforts is not used all of the time.

We are able to hire out most this equipment either with or without an operator.

The equipment includes the following:

  • 130hp New Holland tractor with a creeper box.
  • Laser guided trailed grading bar.
  • Stone burying and picking equipment.