Landscaping to New Highways Schemes

The landscaping of new roads projects is something that we have become very experienced in delivering on time, every time.

‘New roads projects present a particular set of challenges when it comes to landscaping. The numbers of trees and shrubs are often large which requires significant resources in order to meet tight programme deadlines, and the health and safety requirements are understandably stringent. 

We have developed the necessary skill sets and have the resources to tackle such projects.

Our highly skilled supervisors and site staff ground, are able to work closely with the main contractor’s site teams,  to deliver these extensive schemes which create ecologically important areas  which are not only of aesthetic value in their own right, but which provide areas where wildlife can flourish largely undisturbed by human activity.

Some numbers

Whilst these projects vary in size, they tend to involve the planting of many thousands of trees and native shrubs along with extensive seeding of both environmentally significant species rich wildflower areas as well as amenity grass.

As an example, we recently completed the landscaping to the central section of the new Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, where our section involved:

  • 650,000 new trees up to 4m tall
  • 2 million m2 of species rich wildflower areas
  • 500,000 m2 of grass seeded areas

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